What does FAQs mean?
It means Frequently Asked Questions.

How much do you take to reply applications?
With free packages we usually take 24-48 hours, if you have not received a reply within 72 hours, feel free to ask why your application have not been accepted. Premium packages are automatically delivered after payment.

Do I need to fill the form with my personal information?
No, you do not. Those fields are mandatory as our system requires it but you can made them up.

How much does it takes to move my site here?
There is not an estimated time as it depends on old provider server speed and the size of your site, however, we do not usually take more than 48 hours.

Can I create custom e-amails with your panel?
Yes, e-mail feature is enabled and free.

Will you generate backups of my sites?
Yes, we will generate two backups of your site on weekly basis. One will be automatically sent to a remote server, the other one will be kept in the “/backup” directory of your site.

How can you be so cheap?
We have removed the most expensive part of a regular hosting company: We do not have offices, we work from home. We do not use cPanel, we use CyberPanel which is not that different!, we use CyberPanel backup system so we do not require buying additional licenses -JetBackup for example, on top of that, we use FansCity‘s client area and backup server which saves a lot of money.

Do you provide free migrations?
Yes, if it is a cpanel-based website. If you are using another control panel, you may ask if it is possible.

Do you really provide %99.9 uptime?
Yes, our uptime is public. You can check it here.

Where can I apply for the free package?
You can apply for it here.

Do I need to place ads in my sites?
No, you will not need to. If you are running out of space in your free package we can provide you 10 GB more by placing one ad in your site. However, we do not accept all sites under this rule, only high quality and up-to-date fansites will be granted this offer, you must send an e-mail. A link back to us is required in free packages.

Can I host some of my friends’ sites in my package?
No, as we provide unlimited space you are not allowed to host sites not owned by you. That would not be economically good for Fanbulous.

What are your nameservers?